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Name:Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
Character: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Version: Late-game, after the first stage of the final boss fight
Age: Unknown, but appears to be about the same age as Xemnas (late 20’s to early 30s, as a ballpark estimate)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Generally indifferent
Appearance: As Xemnas’ Heartless - and one of the few Heartless to retain human form - it should come as no surprise that there’s some visual similarity between the two. Like Xemnas, his dark skin and light hair (a silver so pale as to be nearly white in his case, and worn long) make him an easy figure to pick out in a crowd. Similarly, it should come as no real surprise that he bears the golden-yellow eyes of all who have dealt heavily with the darkness.

And then the there’s the matter of his clothes. Not content to keep to anything resembling normal, he prefers to wear what can only be loosely be called a shirt, leaving his chest bare. While it does have buttons, he leaves them undone and uses a pair of belts to keep it shut instead. Over this, he wears a long coat that’s actually fairly normal, save for the fact that it has a pair of shoulder guards attached by (you guessed it) more belts. The insignia of the Heartless rests just below the collar of his coat, and is more than likely actually part of it. A pair of simple black pants and white gloves complete his outfit.

Personality: As the only Heartless with human-level intelligence, Ansem is something of outlier. Most Heartless operate on mere instinct; he has all of the intelligence Xehanort originally had, and is all the more dangerous for it. He may appear to be human, but he’s far from it, and any humanity he may have once had has been quite thoroughly obliterated. He’s a creature of darkness, and sees absolutely no reason to play by human morals, making him cold, cruel, and quite thoroughly ruthless. It doesn’t matter to him how many worlds fall, and to be quite honest he doesn’t care about any of them. It’s not his call to keep the worlds safe and much like the lesser Heartless, he happens to prefer to see them swallowed by the darkness.

In person, he’s a proud man (though the term ‘man’ may not be the most correct) who prizes power and knowledge above all else. And he’s certainly not above gloating over the fact that whoever he’s talking to knows ‘nothing’. He even goes so far as telling Sora that he knows nothing at the very end of his quest to save the worlds (whether or not this was actually true is anyone’s guess, as he may have simply been using it to force a power differential). He’s also perfectly willing to be patient, given that he spends some ten years waiting for his chance at Kingdom Hearts, to say nothing of his manipulation of Riku. Nor is he incapable of feigning politeness or holding a perfectly civil conversation with a person. Admittedly, his version of ‘civil’ can and will turn to varying shades of manipulative at the drop of a hat, but he’s certainly quite capable of making the effort to at least appear civil.

Finally, it should be noted that in many ways he is very much Xemnas’ opposite. Xemnas seems to utterly lack emotions; Ansem is fully capable of feeling them, although he’s not necessarily one to show them to the world. He embraces the darkness that Xemnas claims has ignored him, and fully welcomes what it has to offer.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: First and foremost, Ansem is a creature of the darkness. This grants him the ability to not only control that same darkness but also to travel though it, presumably in a manner similar to the Heartless. Similarly, while he does use a double-bladed weapon on one occasion, he prefers to use his control over the darkness to fuel his attacks, turning the darkness into blasts of energy or shields as need requires. In addition to this, he’s also capable of summoning his Guardian - a being of the darkness that strongly resembles a Heartless - to find alongside him. The Guardian itself is impervious to all damage and can attack with either its own (fairly impressive) physical strength or with blasts of energy similar to Ansem’s own. It usually remains ‘tethered’ to the shadow behind Ansem, but he can command it to shield him from attacks or to come forward and attack his enemy, should he see a need to.

He’s also capable of using the darkness to possess a person’s body, although this requires not only that the person already have a significant amount of darkness already in their heart but also that they fully open their heart to it.
Weaknesses: Like most Heartless, Ansem has something of a weakness to light- and holy-based attacks. Somewhat unfortunately for him, this does in fact include Keyblades, which has left him at something of a distinct disadvantage for a good number of his fights and while he’s not drawn to the Keyblade quite as strongly as some of the lesser variants of Heartless, he’s still fascinated by it. In addition to this, his nature as a Heartless does mean that he has an almost instinctual urge to steal people’s hearts. He does have enough willpower to resist this urge most of the time, but his nature is, and always will be, rather monstrous.

Similarly, his inhuman nature has caused him to underestimate people as a whole. Intellectually, he is well aware of the strength of the heart. However, his (almost blind) confidence in his strength and his own beliefs means that all too often he fails to see how such a simple thing could repeatedly be the salvation of those ranged against him. His pride thus in many ways is also his greatest weakness. And then of course there’s the fact that his morals - if he even has any - are nothing at all like human morals, although this might not come as a surprise given the actions of some of the lesser Heartless.

History: Ansem’s story properly begins with the story of a young man named Terra. His was a life full of all the sorts of things one might expect out of a video game protagonist. However, thanks to a rather nasty case of amnesia, Ansem can’t remember anything of those years, and thus we begin with what he can remember instead: Xehanort.

The first memory that Ansem - then called Xehanort - remembers is one of waking up in a world called Radiant Garden. This world would come to be Xehanort’s home, and along with five other he would go on to become an apprentice of the ruler of that land, a man called Ansem the Wise. It was a good life, and the young Xehanort proved to have a brilliant mind, amnesia aside. And then one day, they had the bright idea to see what was the cause of the darkness that sometimes lurked in the heart of men. Unfortunately, in the process they happened to not only accidentally kill some of their test subjects, but create the first artificial Heartless. Horrified by what they had done, Ansem (the Wise) decreed that the experiments would be over, and forbade his apprentices from returning to the labs.

Naturally, his apprentices proceeded to quite thoroughly ignore their master’s words and continued their experiments in secret. Needless to say, Ansem is more than a little displeased by the time that he finds out what’s been going on behind his back, but by that point, it’s already too late. His apprentices overthrow him, and imprison him in the Realm of Darkness. Xehanort, meanwhile, takes on Ansem’s name, possibly in an attempt to keep people from noticing the real Ansem’s disappearance. With their master now out of the picture, Xehanort and his compatriots continued on with their experiment. It was during one of these that Xehanort threw himself willingly into the darkness, in an attempt to regain his lost memories. In doing so, he unwittingly split himself in half, with his body and mind living on as a Nobody and his Heart - now fully embraced by the darkness - becoming the first and only Heartless to retain a human form and the mind to go with it: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.

Thus freed from the constraints of his ‘frail’ human body, Ansem proceeded to spend the next ten or so years of his life cultivating darkness across any and all worlds he could find. And then one day, he came across a small world whose heart had recently been opened to the Darkness. That world was Destiny Islands, and its fall to darkness began the adventures of two young boys: the chosen of the Keyblade and the boy who’d opened his world to darkness. Ansem, naturally, kept his eye on the latter and when the boy found his power to no longer be enough, Ansem came to him, whispering promises of power if only he opened his heart to darkness, which the boy gladly did.

And in the way of every proper body-jacking, in short order Ansem became the ‘proper’ owner of the body, save for one brief moment of resistance. But all good things must come to an end, and Ansem’s came at the hands of the chosen of the Keyblade, who was quite understandably annoyed at Ansem’s claim of his friend’s body. Or it least, it would have, had it not for Ansem finding himself transported somewhere else entirely instead.
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